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Aquabankya is the most modern mineral pool with Olympic dimensions near Sofia. The mineral water, the clean air and the pleasant atmosphere will allow you to escape from everyday life and take care of your health. Plenty of amenities (children’s pool, jacuzzi, massage area, restaurant and tents for relaxation) will make your stay even more enjoyable.

Aquabankya Complex

Aquabankya is  renovated and awaits its guests in the new summer season of 2022. On the site of the former city beach in Bankya, in the very center of the city, you will find an Olympic-size swimming pool, a children’s pool, a jacuzzi, 7 VIP areas, an outdoor bar and a restaurant with tempting offers.

Mineral water

Mineral springs are one of Bankya’s greatest treasures. They gush from a common hydrothermal deposit near the Aquabankya basin. The water springs with a temperature of 36-37 degrees and due to its unique composition, has a healing effect. It contains important trace elements for the human body such as iron, copper and silver, which is why the mineral water in Bankya is known for its “metal vitamins”. In Aquabankya you can take care of your health while having fun. Mineral water has a beneficial effect on cardiovascular disease, nervous system problems, stress and fatigue. It helps to slow down aging and accelerates the recovery process in the body after severe injuries.


In the restaurant of the Aquabankya mineral complex you can pamper yourself with a rich menu, that brings together the best of the Mediterranean and Bulgarian national cuisine – salads, hot appetizers, cold appetizers, barbecue, fresh fruit, alcoholic and soft cocktails and instant soft drinks. . The offers can satisfy every refined taste and turn every dream vacation into reality, especially when combined with beautiful nature, coziness and a unique atmosphere that caresses the senses.

There is also fast food restaurant as well as ice-cream station.


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